I'm doing HoopTober

HoopTober is a month-long horror movie marathon in honour of the late film maker Tobe Hooper. You may know him for the directing of movies such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist, a true horror master. HoopTober is an event that came to exist on the film logging website Letterboxd, created by user Cinemonster. The community has now reached its 4th year of HoopTober, and, sadly, it's first occurrence after the death of Tobe Hooper himself. This is also the first year I decided to participate The challenge is to watch 31 movies in the month of October. Every participant creates their own watchlist based on a set of criteria. You can find the official HoopTober  here. The Challenge: 31 movies: - 6 sequels - 6 countries - 6 decades - 6 films from before 1970 - 6 films by a following film maker: Carpenter, Raimi, Whale, Browning, Craven, Tom Holland - 3 films with people eating people (no zombies allowed) - 1 Hammer film - 1 Romero film from the Dead series

It's Shocktober!!!!

It's been a while since I last blogged, but if there is any moment for me to revive my blog, it's autumn. No time of the year do I feel so alive as I do in October. You can blame it on the back-to-school craze. I live for buying school supplies and fresh new starts of a new school year. And, of course, the resolutions to get organised with that, even now, long after finishing school. You can blame it on the weather. Finally it's not bloody hot anymore outside. I don't melt into sweat and rashes. I can wear jumpers again! The leaves on the trees change into beautiful shades of orange and red. We get rain, thunder, wind, and instantly it gets cosy indoors. (also, nothing gets as cosy as my Tumblr dash during autumn, cue the scrolling of books, tea and blanket forts.) But most of all, blame Halloween. We don't celebrate Halloween here in the Netherlands, apart from the occasional party here and there, but I do love me some horror. And even though I watch horr

Bout of Books Read-a-thon Wrap-up

I just finished my final book for the Bout of Book Read-a-thon, another Doctor Who graphic novel. Which put the total amount of books I finished this week to 5. I read two Doctor Who Graphic novels, "A fairytale life" and "The Ripper". I really loved both, I loved the medieval and fairytale style of "A fairytale life" and it still had it's fair share of aliens and sci fi, it was pretty perfect. The art in that one, I think, was not as good as the art in "The Ripper," "The Ripper" had amazing drawings that really helped the Victorian atmosphere in the Doctor Who/Jack the Ripper story. I also really loved the storyline of that one. I've always been interested in books and films based on the Jack the Ripper murders and to have The Doctor, Amy and Rory travel back to that time and get involved way too deep with the murders, it was a very fun and exciting read. I'll definitely be reading more Doctor Who graphic novels in

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon Day 4 Wrap-up and Start of Day 5

Yesterday was a day of not much significant reading, sadly. I was too busy working and studying, so I'm going to make up for that today and, hopefully finishing "Attachments" today. I've found that "Breaking Night" was too hard to binge-read quickly, because I want to soak up every single sentence I read and think about it. So I've put that one aside for later and I'm continuing on "Attachments" I did finish another book this week, "Living out loud" by Keri Smith, which is not only a book for reading, but also a book for doing, writing, making art and being creative. I haven't read this book in its entirety this week, I started it about a year ago, but I did get to finish it this week, and I'm very happy about that. Now I'm quickly going back to reading "Attachments" Books read: 2 Books finished: 3 Currently reading: Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

Being myself?

This post is probably going to be corny as hell. I'll try for it not to be, but it probably still will. I realised something this week, something that started out with a bad night and a conversation with my parents. I won't lie, I've been having a long battle with a mood disorder, and bad nights like that happen a lot, sometimes it leads to my parents comforting me, sometimes it leads to fights. Both happen because they love me. But this night especially they gave me something valuable (they have probably said it before, but with depression, you're not always willing to listen and believe the people trying to be there for you throughout all of it). But my parents told me, they have not expectations from me, they just want me to be myself. I don't need to change, just be myself. And I cried back at them that I didn't know who that was. I've been thinking a lot, lately, about who I am and trying to find out who that person really is. I've slowly been

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon: Day 2 wrap-up, start of Day 3

I've spend most of yesterday reading "Attachments", by Rainbow Rowell, and "Doctor Who: A Fairytale Life", by Matthew Sturges. The Doctor Who graphic novel I also finshed yesterday. I really liked it. Right now it's my favourite Doctor Who graphic novel I've read so far. I am crazy about fairytales and medieval things and I'm also crazy about Doctor Who, space travel and aliens. This graphic novel had all of that. Also 11 and Amy are my favourite Doctor and companion, so this was great. So far, I'm really liking attachments as well. Rainbow Rowell really has a talent for writing the cutest greatest stories that make it nearly impossible for me to put down.I'm really looking forward to continue reading that one today, as well as "Breaking Night", by Liz Murray, which I'm reading at a bit of a slower pace, because it's not a book that I want to rush through.

Bout of books Read-a-thon: Day 1 wrap-up, start of Day 2

A new morning, new books! Yesterday I finished reading "De wraak van de sneeuwheks" (In English: The Empty Hand), the second book of the Snow Walker series. The first of the series was a childhood favourite of mine, but as a child I never knew of the existence of the sequels. A few months ago I finally found two of the sequels on a flea market and I now read this one for the first time. I didn't love it as much as the first of the books, but I still liked it a lot. It's a great magical children's book, and I really love the world in which the story takes place. So after having finished "The Empty Hand" I am now reading two other books, one is the non-fiction book "Breaking Night", by Liz Murray, which I read every year at some point. And the other one is "Attachments", by Rainbow Rowell, which I have never read before. I enjoyed Eleanor and Park a lot, so I'm very happy to be reading another book by Rainbow Rowell. Finis